Terahertz Technology Research Cente

Research Project

Terahertz Technology

1. Terahertz Technology Striding Toward Further Progress

2. General Discussion: Position and Prospect of Research and Developments for the Terahertz Technology in National Institute of Information and Communications technology (NICT)

3. Device

3-1. Oscillaor
3-1-1. GaAs-based Quantum Cascade Lasers
3-1-2. GaSb Quantum Cascade Laser
3-2. Detector
3-2-1. Terahertz Frontside-Illuminated Quantum Well Photodetector

4. Time-domain Spectroscopic System

4-1. Broadband Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopic System
4-2. High-Repetition TDS System
4-3. Broadband Millimeter Wave Imaging System

5. Terahertz Spectral Database

5-1. Construction of Open Terahertz Spectral Database
5-2. Terahertz Spectroscopy for Non-invasive Analysis of Cultural Properties

6. Terahertz-wave propagation Model

6-1. Atmospheric Propagation Model of Terahertz-wave

7. Terahertz-wave Remote Sensing

7-1. Introduction to Terahertz-wave Remote Sensing
7-2. Superconducting Submillimeter-Wave Limb-Emission Sounder onboard International Space Station I: Calibration Processing
7-3. Super-conductive submillimeter-Wave Lilmb Emission Sounder onboard International Space Station II: Algorithm Development of for the Data processing
7-4. MATRAS(Model for Atmospheric TeraHertz Radiation Analysis and Simulation)
7-5. The MATRAS Scattering Module
7-6. Development of Epitaxial NbN THz Mixers
7-7. Terahertz Remote-sensing of the Venusian Atmosphere: Observations using he Nobeyama Millimeter Array

8. Commissioned Research

8-1. Development of Remote Imaging Technologies at Terahertz Frequency
8-2. Stand-off Gas Sensing System Based on Terahertz Spectroscopy

9. Prospect for Researach and Development of Terahertz Technology in Future