Mailing address:
4-2-1 Nukui-kita, Koganei, Tokyo 184-8795, JAPAN.
Terahertz Laboratory, Terahertz Technology Research Center,
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)

YAMADA Takayoshi
山田 崇貴

山田 崇貴
Dr. (Doctor of Science)
Terahertz Laboratory, Terahertz Technology Research Center, NICT
Tel: +81 -(0)42-327-7360
Short Bio:
YAMADA Takayoshi is an atmospheric scientist and is currently responsible for the TEREX measurement development and retrieval algorithms. His research interests are centered on physics of Terahertz radiations in space and planetary atmosphere. Most of his work has focused on the terahertz radiative transfer simulation in the atmosphere of the Earth, Jupiter Icy moons, and Mars. Before becoming current position, he wrote a doctoral thesis “Development of radiative transfer model and data analysis for a THz remote sensing to reveal discharge phenomena and radiation processes in rarefied atmosphere between planet and space”



山田崇貴, 2017年 第14回アジア・オセアニア地球科学国際学会(AOGS2017) 学生発表優秀賞, “Development of Radiative Transfer Simulation Including a Non-LTE Model for THz Observations of Ganymede‘s Atmosphere”

山田崇貴, 2017年 第23回日本大気化学討論会 学生発表優秀賞, “木星氷衛星THz観測における非局所熱平衡放射伝達モデルの構築. ”



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