Kashima 34m Antenna

34m antenna

34m antenna, constructed in 1988, has the largest aperture in the Kashima Space Research Center. It is capable to receive multiple frequency bands spanning from 1.35GHz to 43GHz. This capability was made possible by a combination of various advanced technologies, such as the accurate surface of main reflector, the steerable sub-reflector system, and the multi receiver trolley system. This antenna is used for various purposes like geodesy (Very Long Baseline Interferometry), astronomy, and radio science.

Photo Gallery

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For the phtographs by HIRANO Takashi:"Photo by HIRANOTAKASHI [https://hiranotakashi.com/]"
For the other cases:"Photo by NICT/Kashima"

The last state of the Kashima 34m was recorded by Photographer HIRANOTAKASHI [https://hiranotakashi.com/] Photo by HIRANOTAKASHI(26 Oct.)
Photograph by HIRANOTAKASHI: 26 Oct. 2020
Photo by HIRANOTAKASHI(4 Oct.)
Photograph by HIRANOTAKASHI: 4 Oct. 2020
34mAntenna 1Feb.2020
1st Feb. 2020(2.7MB)
34mAntenna 30Jan.2020
30 Jan. 2020 (2MB)

34mAntenna 30Jan.2020
30 Jan. 2020(2MB)
34mAntenna 30Sep.2019
30 Sep.2019 (4.9MB)
34mAntenna 30Sep.2019
Main panels were removed 30 Sep. 2019 (4.9MB)
16 Jun. 2019 (4.5MB)
16 Jun. 2019 (5.2MB)
30 May 2019 (3.8MB) 26 May 2019 (5.0MB)
34m Antenna 10Aug2011
23 Nov. 2013 (47523168 JPG:3.31MB)
34m Antenna 28 Jan.2013
The 34m in the snow, 28 Jan. 2013 (JPG:3.4MB)
34mAntenna 28Jan2013
The 34m in the snow, 28 Jan. 2013 (JPG:2.6MB)
34m with logo on 10
   Aug. 2011
New logo on the surface, 10 Aug. 2011 (2048~1536 JPG:1.5MB)

Refurbished 34m with white paint, 8 Mar. 2011 (1536~2048 JPG:1.26MB)

Refurbished 34m , 8 Mar. 2011(2048~1536 JPG:1.28MB)

Snow on the grass (mole hill) and 34m: 17 Jan. 2008(1536~2048 JPG:794KB)

Snow and 34m: 17 Jan. 2008 (2048~1536 JPG:798KB)

Observing `Hayabusa' with 34m and 11m: 12 Nov. 2005 (1500~900 JPG:147KB)

Grass flowers and 34m: 5 Jun. 2005(2592~1944 JPG:559KB)

24 Jan. 2003 (1600~1200 JPG:680KB)

34m and rainbow:12 Nov.2001(2369~1431 JPG:461KB)

First rising sun in 21st century and 34m: 1 Jan. 2001 (640~480 JPG:39KB)

Night phoptos: Oct. 2000

Mar. 2000 (1983~1419@JPG:1.0MB)
34m (2648~1814@JPG:1.4MB)

34m Antenna Annual Report
2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007


Dimensions and Features

MountAz-El steerable
Surface Accuracy0.17mm RMS
Drive Range[EL] +6 deg to +90 deg [AZ] -355 deg to +355 deg
Maximum Speed[EL] 0.64 deg/sec [AZ] 0.8 deg/sec
NASA CDDIS Monument Number1857
IERS DOMES Number21701S004

Specifications of Receivers

Frequency BandReceiver Noise TemperatureSystem Noise TemperatureEfficiencyBeam Width

Mt. Fuji seen from 34m antenna

Mt. Fuji in the evening

Jan. 9, 1999 (evening)

16:34 (left), 16:36 (right) on Nov.9, 2005

Mt. Fuji in the morning, if you are lucky

06:57 on Jan.24, 2003

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