Center for Information and Neural Networks

1-4 Yamadaoka, Suita City, Osaka, 565-0871

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Public Transportation


Osaka Monorail (Saito-line)

5 minutes walk from “阪大病院前(Handai-byoin-mae)” station
(runs every 20minutes during daytime)


Hankyu Bus : From Senri-cyuo(千里中央)station, bound for「阪大本部前行」or「茨木美穂ケ丘行」
(20 minutes ride)
Kintetsu Bus : From Hankyu-Ibarakishi (阪急茨木市)station, towards「阪大本部前行」(via JR Ibaraki station)
(30 minutes ride)

2 minutes walk from the bus-stop Handai-Igakubu-mae(「阪大医学部前」)

From Osaka Monorail Handai-byoin-mae Station

1. Exit the ticket gate and take the
station exit to the left.

2. Turn left and you’ll see the guard station.
Descend the slope beside the guard station

3. You will see the Graduate School of Frontier
Biosciences, Nano-biology Building.

4. Cross the street in front of the Nano-biology
Building. Then turn left

5. When you turn left, you will see
CiNet’s signboard in the distance.

6. When you reach the signboard.
turn right as it directs.

7. You will arrive at the parking lot in front of CiNet building
and you will see the main entrance on your right.

8. Please come inside and wait at the space
in front of the 2nd door where it is air conditioned.

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