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Investigation of the molecular nanostructure fabrication technique
based on the wet method.


In order to construct novel nanodevices consist of organic molecules, we have been investigating the nanometer-scale fabrication technique such as self-organization. For example, in a vacuum condition, we send molecules to the interface electrode fabricated by micro-machining technique, and then nanostructure will be constructed by self-organization. As a related research, we investigate the possibility of molecular self-organization at solid-liquid interface. We apply Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) method to organic conducting molecules, and fabricate nanostructure controlled in the film plane. Namely, designing structure of built-up molecule, we can obtain nanomaterial controlled in the film plane. According to this design guideline and method, we fabricate dielectric or semiconducting molecular nanostructure, especially nanowires and nanodots. As a evolution of nanostructure fabrication technique, we are aiming at creation of molecular wiring and single electron devices by fusion of the technology currently performed at nanotechnology group.


Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University

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588-2 Iwaoka,
Nishi-ku Kobe,
Japan 651-2492