Joint research

ongoing project

Research task Partner Duration
Development of the Organic EO Devices Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd 2016-
Development of the super-high-speed optical phased arrays NHK 2014-
Development of the high-performance nonlinear optics polymer TEIJIN 2015-
EOポリマーを用いた垂直入射型光変調デバイス The University of Tokyo 2015-
Development of the portable Vacuum container Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Japan Synchrotron Research Institute (JASRI)
Development of the portable Vacuum system Saga Light Source kyushu Synchrotron Light Research Center 2013-
Development of basic technology using molecular super-structure Hiroshima University 2006-
Development of the new nanoscale structure manufacture technique Kansai University 2007-
Development of electron, spin, and optical function element by the organic molecule structures. Kumamoto University 2010-
グラフェン・ナノ金属複合構造における電子移動素過程の解明とデバイス応用 Kwansei Gakuin University 2015-

previous project

高速光位相制御技術の研究開発 SUMITOMO OSAKA CEMENT 2013-2015
EOポリマー超小型光変調器技術 Tokyo Institute of Technology 2014-2015
3波共鳴型差動複合共振器制御による高効率CW光パラメトリック発振器の開発と応用に関する研究 The University of Electro-Communications 2010-2015
Development of optical Nano super-focusing technology on the metal nanostructure University of Fukui 2009-2015
光感受性膜蛋白質によるセンシングデバイス構築基盤技術の開発 Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University 2012-2015
高分子材料と光通信デバイス技術の研究 Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering, Kyushu University 2012-2015
ナノ材料の形態制御による電子・スピン・光機能素子の開発 Hokkaido University, Graduate School of Science 2013-2015
Applied sensing based on biomaterials The University of Electro-Communications 2010-2015
バクテリオロドプシンの構造制御と光デバイスへの応用に関する研究 Osaka city University 2010-2015
深紫外LEDの光取出しフォトニック構造の作製と評価 Tokuyama Co. 2011-2015
光・分子先端素子の新材料・デバイス技術の研究 IMCE, Kyushu University 2006-2010
Development of emission-controlled photonic devices by controlling photonic structures Chinese Academy of Sciences 2009-2010
Studies on the frequency stabilization of an extended-cavity diode laser in reference to an iodine saturated absorption line The University of Electro-Communications 2010
Development of applied technology of organic electrooptics material IMCE, Kyushu University
Sumitomo Electoric Industries,Ltd.
Development of ecological manufacturing method of high performance organic nano crystal transistor Japan Science and Technology Agency 2008-2010
金属光導波路伝搬機構の解明 RCAST, The University of Tokyo 2008-2010
Construction and characterization of nano molecular device with photochromic molecules Kyushu University 2008-2009
Development of organic electronic device on the Nano electrolysis method Hokkaido University 2008-2009
ナノ構造における低次元光波伝搬技術の研究開発 Osaka University 2007-2010
金属微細構造による電場増強利用技術の研究開発 The University of Tokushima 2007-2010
Development of Nano scale device using phenomenon of magnetic field responds ISSP, The University of Tokyo 2007-2008
RIKEN 2007-2008
Development of polymeric material for telecommunication Hakuto Co., Ltd. 2007-2007
Characterization and nano process of nano magnetic materials Nagoya University 2005-2007
Development of nano fabrication technique using highly charged ion impact process The University of Electro-Communications 2002-2006
有機無機複合素材によるナノスケール新機能素子の開発 Konan University 2005
情報通信ソフト材料の開発 Hakuto Co., Ltd. 2005
有機分子回路作成のための超平坦回路作成プロセス University of Hyogo 2002-2003
有機結晶表面構造と電気特性の解明に関する共同研究 Hokkaido University 2002

Entrusted research

Contract research

  • Development and application of highly charged ion source for nano process
  • Reconfigurable Nanocomputers

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