It is a paper list announced as study results to various journals and technical journal,etc.


Adhesive Force Mapping of Friction Transferred PTFE Film Surface
H. Suzuki, S. Mashiko
Applied Physics A
Vol.66, pp.S1271-S1274(1998).

Nonlinear Contrawave Mixing Devices in Poled Polymer Waveguides
A. Otomo, G. I. Stegeman, M. C. Flipse, M. Diemeer, W. Horsthuis, G. R. Mohlmann
Journal of the Optical Society of America B, a Special Issue "Organic and Polymeric Nonlinear Optical Materials",
Vol. 15 No.2, pp. 759-772 (1998).

Preparation and Characterization of LaxC60 Thin Film Fabricated by Layer-by-layer Deposition
T. Terui, Y. Maruyama, T. Arai, S. Mashiko
Fullerene Science and Technology,
Vol. 6(2), pp. 199-212 (1998).

The Preparation, Orientation and Electronic Structure of Poly (p-phenylenevinylene)(PPV) Monolayers on Silicon Surfaces
M. Keil, A. Rajagopal, S. Yokoyama, H. Sotobayashi, A. M. Bradshow, M. Kakimoto, Y. Imai
Zeitschrift fur Physikalische Chemie,
Vol.Bd. 202 pp. 87-102 (1997).

Preparation and Assembled Structure of Dipolar Dendrons Based Electron Donor/Acceptor Azobenzene Branching
S. Yokoyama, T. Nakahama, A. Otomo, S, Mashiko
Chemistry Letters,
pp. 1137-1138 (1997).

Transition of Adsorption State of C60 on a Si(111)7×7 Surface Revealed by high-resolution Electron EnergyLoss Spectroscopy
Y. Fujikawa, K. Saiki, A. Koma
Physical Review B,
Vol. 56 No. 19, pp. 12124-12126(1997).

Cross-Linking of Collagen  by Singlet Oxygen Generated with UV-A
A. Ryu, E. Naru, K. Arakane, T. Masunaga, K. Shinmoto, T.Nagano, M. Hirobe, S. Mashiko
Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan,
Vol. 45 No. 8, pp. 1243-1247 (1997).

Molecular Stacking in Epitaxial Crystals of Oxometal Phthalocyanines
H. Yanagi, T. Mikami, H. Tada, T. Terui, S. Mashiko
Jpurnal of Applied Physics,
Vol. 81 No. 11, pp. 7306-7312 (1997).

Control of Actin Moving Trajectory by Patterned Poly (methylmethacrylate)tracks
H. Suzuki, A. Yamada, K. Oiwa, H. Nakayama, S. Mashiko
Biophysical Journal,
Vol. 72 No. 5, pp. 1997-2001 (1997).

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