It is a paper list announced as study results to various journals and technical journal,etc.


Investigation of the photon-number statistics of twin beams by direct detection.
Zhang Y, Kasai K, Watanabe M.
Opt Lett.
15 Jul 2002 ;27(14):1244-6.

Density-function study of palladium-doped small gold clusters
B. R. Sahu, M. Ge, L. Kleinman
Physical Review B
Vol.67 pp.115420-1 - 115420-4(2003)

Determining the Conformation of a phenyl-linled porphyrin dimer by NMR spectroscopy and quantum chemical calculations
Y.Okuno, T.Kamikado, S.Yokoyama, S.Mashiko
Journal of Molecular Structure : THEOCHEM
Vol. 631, Issues 1−3, pp.13−20(2003)

Dendrimers as high gain medium for laser application
Shiyoshi Yokoyama, Akira Otomo, Shinro Mashiko
"OUYO BUTURI", A monthly publication of The Japan Society of Applied Physics
Vol.72 No.2 pp.201-204(2003)

Tohru Kubota
Vol910 pp.3-6(2003)

A Molecular-beam apparatus with a spray-jet technique for studying neutral non-volatile molecules
T.Yamada, H.Shinohara, Maofa Ge, S.Mashiko, K.Kimura
Chemical Physics Letters
Vol.370 pp.132-138(2003)

Electrical control of the structure and lasing in chiral photonic band-gap liquid crystals
S.Furumi, S.Yokoyama, A.Otomo, S.Mashiko
Applied Physics Letters
Vol.82 No.1 pp.16-18(2003)

Simulation of one-dimensional cellular automata by uniquely parallel parsable grammars
Jia Lee, Katsunobu Imai, Kenichi Morita
Theoretical Computer Science
Vol. 304 pp. 185-200 (2003)

A Theory of Excitation Energy Transfer Regarded as Nonadiabatic Transition 2: Calculational Evidence of Nonadiabatic Interaction Causing Intermolecular Excitation Energy Transfer
Y.Okuno, S.Mashiko
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry
Volume 94, Issue 1, pages 36−43, 2003

Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy on Single Crystal MgB2
M.R.Eskildsen, M.Kugler, S.Tanaka,J.Jun, S.M.Kazakov, J.Karpinski, O.Fischer,
Physica C ( Elsevier Science Publisher )
Physica C385 pp.169-176(2003)

Single Electron Tunneling Organic Device
T.Kubota, S.Yokoyama, T.Nakahama, S.Mashiko, H.Nogichi
Elsevier Science B.V.
In Press

NC-AFM Observation of TBPP related molecules
Shukichi Tanaka, Hitoshi Suzuki, Toshiya Kamikado, shinro Mashiko
Thin Solid Films (Springer-Verlag)
in press

Fabrication of three-dimensional microstructure in anoptical gain medium using two-photon-induced photopolymerization technique
S.Yokoyama, T. Nakahama, H.Miki, S.Mashiko
Thin Solid Films
Vol.438 pp.452-456

Theoretical Study of Excitation-Energy Transfer in a Diarylethyne-Linked Porphyrin Array
Y. Okuno, S.Mashiko
Thin Solid Films
Vol.438-439 pp.215-220

Effective photocrosslinking reaction of dendrimers through triplet energy transfer
S.Furumi, A.Otomo, S.Yokoyama, S.Mashiko
Thin Solid Films
Vol.438-439, pp.85-89

Study on laser action from UV-curable nematic liquid crystals
S.Furumi, S.Yokoyama, A.Otomo, S.Mashiko
Thin Solid Films
Vol.438-439 pp.423-427

Fabrication of Molecular nanowire using an electrochemical method
H.Hasegawa, T.Kubota, S.Mashiko
Thin Solid Films
Vol.438-439 pp.352-355

An electrochemical fabrication of nanowire comprised of phthalocyanine
H.Hasegawa, T.Kubota, S.Mashiko
Synthetic Metals
Vol.135-136 pp.763-764

Mechanism of Excitation-Energy Transfer in Diphenylethyne-Linked Porphyrin Dimeric Arrays : Theoretical Study
Y.Okuno, S.Mashiko
Proceeding of the Fourth International Conference on Intelligent Processing and Manufacturing of Materials

Segregation of molecular overlayers with different structures on a metal surface
H.Suzuki, H.Miki, S.Yokoyama, S.Mashiko
Thin Solid Films
Vol.437-439 pp.97-100

Identifying subphthalocyanine molecule isomers by using a scanning tunneling microscope
H.Suzuki, H.Miki, S.Yokoyama, S.Mashiko
Jounal of Physical Chemistry B

Fabrication of nano-gap electrodes for measuring electrical properties of organic molecules using a focused ion beam
T.Nagase, T.Kubota, S.Mashiko
Thin Solid Films
Vol.438-439 pp.374-377

Molecular-Beam Apparatus with Spray-Jet Technique and Its Applications
T.Yamada, H.Shinohara, Maofa Ge, K.Kimura, S.Mashiko
Thin Solid Films
Vol.438-439 pp.7~13(2003)

Embedding universal delay-insensitive circuits in asynchronous cellular spaces
Jia Lee, Susumu Adachi, Ferdinand Peper, Kenichi Morita
Fundamenta Informaticae
Vol. 58 pp. No. 3/4 pp. 295-320 (2003)

Vortex lattice imaging in single crystal MgB2 by scanning tunneling spectroscopy
M.R.Eskildsen, M.Kugler, G.Levy, Shukichi Tanaka, J.Jun, S.M.Kazakov, J.Karpinski, O.Fischer
Physica C
Vol.388-389 pp.143-144

A quantum-mechanical/molecular-mechanical calculation method for molecules or molecular aggregates absorbed on noble metal suirfaces
Y.Okuno, S.Mashiko
Proceedings of Yamada ConferenceLVII (Elsevier,Netherlands,2002)

Polymeric Thin Films
Shiyoshi Yokoyama
"Base and Application of Surface Science/New Revised Edition" NTS Inc.

Computation by Asynchronously Updating Cellular Automata
Susumu Adachi, Ferdinand Peper, Jia Lee
Journal of Statistical Physics
Vol. 114 Nos. 1/2 pp. 261-289 (2004)

Coping with Nonstationary Environments: A Genetic Algorithm Using Neutral Variation
Teijiro Isokawa, Nobuyuki Matsui, Haruhiko Nishimura, Ferdinand Peper
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part A
Vol.32 No.4 pp.497-504 (2002)

Laying Out Circuits on Asynchronous Cellular Arrays: A Step Towards Feasible Nanocomputers?
Ferdinand Peper, Jia Lee, Susumu Adachi, Shinro Mashiko
Vol.14 No.4 pp.469-485 (2003)

Vortex Imagine in the π-Band of Magnesium Diboride
M.R.Eskildsen, M.Kugler, S.Tanaka ,J.Jun, S.M.Kazakov, J.Karpinski, O.Fischer
Physical Review Letters (American Physical Society)
Vol.89 pp.187003-187006(2002)

Theoretical Study of Aryl-ring Rotation in Arylporphyrins
Y.Okuno, T.Kamikado, S.Yokoyama, S.Mashiko
Journal of Molecular Structure: THEOCHEM
Vol.594 Issue.1-2 pp. 55-60(2002)

Selective Assembly of Porphyrin Molecules into Supramolecular Aggregates on a Surface
Takashi Yokoyama, Shiyoshi Yokoyama, Toshiya Kamikado, Yoshishige Okuno, shinro Mashiko
"Hyomen Kagaku"Journal of The Surface Science Society of Japan
Vol.23 No.10 pp.608-615(2002)

Unconventional Models of Compution, (Third International Conference, UMC 2002, Kobe, Japan, Oct 2002, Proceedings)
Cristian S. Calude, Michael J. Dinneen, Ferdinand Peper
Lexture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) Springer-Verlag, Berlin
Vol. 2509 pp. 1-336 (2002)

Two Photon Polymerization for Three-Dimensional Sub-Microfabrication by Dendrimers
Shiyoshi Yokoyama, shinro Mashiko
Japanese Journal of Polymer Science and Technology
Vol.59 No.10 pp.642-645(2002)

Dendrimers for nanophotonics application
Shiyoshi Yokoyama
"Optical Function Organic/Polymeric material" Nano materials, CMC Publishing Co.,Ltd

Reversible Computation in Asynchronous Cellular Automata
Jia Lee, Ferdinand Peper, Susumu Adachi, Kenichi Morita, Shinro Mashiko
Unconventional Models of Computation,Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer
Vol.2509, pp. 220-229 (2002)

Micro-and Nano-Structure Fabrication by Self-Assembler Technique
Shinro Mashiko
Microscopic Processing Technology (Basic), Edited by The Society Polymer Science,Japan, Polymer frontier21series13
No.13 pp.77-98(2002)

Time-Resolved Spectral Measurment of Dendrimer Molecular Films with Rhodamine B Core
Zhou Minniu, A.Otomo, S.Yokoyama, S.Mashiko
2001 MRS Fall Meeting's Proceedings
Vol.708 pp.63-69(2002)

A quantum - mechanical/molecular −mechanical calculation method for molecule or molecular aggregates adsorbed on noble metal surface
Y.Okuno, S.Mashiko
Surface Science
Vol. 514, Issues 1–3, pp.303-308(2002)

Self-Timed Cellular Automata and their computational ability
Ferdinand Peper, Teijiro Isokawa, Noriaki Kouda, Nobuyuki Matsui
Future Generation Computer Systems
Vol. 18 No. 7 pp. 893-904 (2002)

STM-Induced Photon Emission from Single Molecules
Z.-C.Dong, T.Ohgi, D.Fujita, H.Nejo,S.Yokoyama, T.Terui, S.Mashiko, T.Okamoto
Nanoelectrodynamics (Springer)

Vortex imagin in the w-band of magnesium diboride
M.R.Eskildsen, M.Kugler, S.Tanaka, J.Jun, S.M.Kazakov, J.Karpinski, O.Fischer,
Los Alamos National Laboratory
cond-mat/ 0207394(2002)

Light Emission from Porphyrin Molecules lnduced by a Scanning Tunneling Microscope
Z-C.Dong, A.Kar, Z-Q.Zou, T.Ohgi, P.Dorozhkin, D.Fujita, S.Yokoyama, T.Terui, T.Yamada, T.Kamikado, M.Zhou, S.Mashiko, T.Okamoto
The Japan Society of Applied Physics
Vol.41 pp.4898-4902(2002)

Y.Noguchi, M.Iwamoto, T.Kubota, S.Mashiko
Vol.92 No.2 pp.1174-1176(2002)

Theoretical Study of Benzonitrile Clusters in the Gas Phase and Adsorbed on a Au (111)- Surface
Y.Okuno, T.Yokoyama, S.Yokoyama, T.Kamikado, S.Mashiko
Journal of the American Chemical Society
Vol.124 Number.24 Pages.7218-7225(2002)

Fabrication of Molecular-harmonic-structure: Nano-structure fabrication by bottom-up technology
Shinro Mashiko
"Mirai Zairyo"Expected Materials for the Future
Vol.2 No.6 pp.2-5 (2002)

Photochemical stability of encapsulated laser dyes in dendritic nanoboxes against singlet oxygen
A.Otomo, S.Otomo, S.Yokoyama, S.Mashiko
Optics Letters
Vol.27 No.11 pp.891-893 (2002)

Effect of Interfacial Space Charges and Coupling Electrodes on Organic Single Electron Tunneling Device
H.Noguchi, M.Iwamoto, T.Kubota, S.Mashiko
IEICE TRANS. Electron.
Vol.E85-C No.6 pp.1247-1252(2002)

Molecularly Resolved Dynamics for Two-Dimensional Nucleation of Supramolecular Assembly
H. Yanagi, H. Mukai, K. Ikuta, T. Shibutani, T. Kamikado, S.Yokoyama, S.Mashiko
Vol.2 No.6 pp.601-604 (2002)

Differential Charge Integrating Detector Array for Feeble Light Spectrocopy in the Near-Infrared
I.Mizumoto, S.Odake, S.Mashiko, A.Kozawa, N.Suzuki
ITE Letters on Batteries, New Technologies and Medicine
Vol.3 B6:20-B8:22(2002)

Novel rigid-rod 2,6-diphenylbenzo[1,2-d:4,5d']bisthiazole(DPBBT)derivatives for second-order nonlinear optical chromophorest
S.-H. Lee, A. Otomo, T. Nakahama, T. Yamada, T. Kamikado, S. Yokoyama, S. Mashiko
Vol.12 pp.2187-2188(2002)

Stabilization of optical molecules using dendritic boxes against singlet oxygen in photobleaching
S.Otomo, A.Otomo, S.Mashiko
Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings

Fabrication of Molecular Naostructures on a Surface by using Selective Assembly
Takashi Yokoyama, Shiyoshi Yokoyama, Toshiya Kamikado, Yoshishige Okuno, shinro Mashiko
Monthly "Kinou Zairyo" CMC Publishing Co.,Ltd
Vol.22 No.4 pp.5-9(2002)

Analysis of Step Voltages in Single Electron Tunneling Device Using Organic Thin Films
Y.Noguchi, M.Iwamoto, T.Kubota, S.Mashiko
Vol.41 No.4B pp.2749-2752(2002)

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