It is a paper list announced as study results to various journals and technical journal,etc.


Generation of Quantum-Correlated Twin Beams and Its Application
Katsuyuki Kasai
Laser Review
Vol.31, No.9

Fault-tolerance in nanocomputers: a cellular array approach
F. Peper,J.Lee,F.Abo,T.Isokawa,S.Adachi,N.Matsui,S.Mashiko
IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology

Fault-Tolerant Nanocomputers based on Asynchronpous Cellular Automata
International Journal of Modern Physics C

Universal delay-insensitive circuits with bi-directional and buffering lines
Jia Lee, Ferdinand Peper, Susumu Adachi, Kenichi Morita
IEEE Transactions on Computers
Vol. 52, Issue 4 (2004)

On signals in asynchronous cellular spaces
Susumu Adachi, Jia Lee, Ferdinand Peper
IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems
Vol. E87-D No. 3 pp. 657-668 (2004)

Vibrationally Resolved Fluorescence from Organic Molecules near Metals Surfaces in a Scanning Tunneling Microscope
Z.-C.Dong, X.Gou, A.Trifonov, P.S.Dorozhkin, K.Miki, K.Kimura, Shiyoshi Yokoyama、shinro Mashiko
Phys. Rev. Lett
Vol.92 pp.8680 1-1〜8680 1-4

Conformational Study of Porphyrin-based molecules using Non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy
Shukichi Tanaka,Hitoshi Suzuki,Toshiya Kamikado,shinro Mashiko
Nanotechnology (Institue of Physics, Ireland)
Vol.15 pp.87-90

Fault-tolerance in Biological Systems Simulated on Asynchronous Cellular Automata
Ferdinand Peper, Teijiro Isokawa, Fukutaro Abo, Jia Lee,Susumu Adachi, Nobuyuki Matsui, Shinro Mashiko
9th International Symposium on Artificial Life and Robotics
(AROB) 28-30 Jan. 2004

Asynchronous Game of Life
Jia Lee, Susumu Adachi, Ferdinand Peper, Kenichi Morita
Physica D
Vol. 194, pp. 369-384, 2004

STM investigation of porphyrin isomers on metal substrates
Toshifumi Terui、Toshiya Kamikado、Yoshishige Okuno、Hitoshi Suzuki、shinro Mashiko
AMN-2 Conference special issue(Current Applied Physics)
Vol.4 pp.148-151

Tunneling-electron-induced molecular luminescence from nanoscale layer of organic molecules on metal substrates
X.-L.Guo, Z.-C.Dong, A.S.Trifonov, Shiyoshi Yokoyama、shinro Mashiko, T.Okamoto
Applied Physics Letters
Vol.84 pp.969〜971

Qubit neural network and its efficiency
Noriaki Kouda, Nobuyuki Matsui, Haruhiko Nishimura, Ferdinand Peper
7th International Conference on Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems (KES 2003)
Part II pp. 304-310 (2003)

Quaternion neural network and its application
Teijiro Isokawa, Tomoaki Kusakabe, Nobuyuki Matsui, Ferdinand Peper
7th International Conference on Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems (KES 2003)
Part II pp. 318-324 (2003)

Seiichi Furumi、Shiyoshi Yokoyama、Akira Otomo、Shinro Mashiko
"Kobunshi Ronbunshu"Japanese Journal of Polymer Science and Technology
pp 555-560

Dendrimers and Molecular Photonics
Shiyoshi Yokoyama
Vol.52 pp.758-762

Molecular Coulomb islands for single-electron tunneling in SiO2/molecular layer/SiO2 multilayers on Si(100)
Y.Wakayama、Tohru Kubota、Hitoshi Suzuki、Toshiya Kamikado、shinro Mashiko
Journal of Applied Physics
Vol.94 No.7 pp.4711-4713

Study on the interaction between different solute molecules in a molecular beam produced by the spray-jet technique: an application to dendrimer/dye system
T. Yamada, Maofa Ge, Y. Takiguchi, K. Kimura, S. Mashiko
Chemical Physics Letters
Vol.379 pp.458~465(2003)

Adsorption and two-dimensional phases of a large polar molecule: Sub-phthalocyanine on Ag (111)
S.Berner, Wild, L.Ramoino, S.Ivan, A.Baratoff, H.-J.Guentherodt, Hitoshi Suzuki, D.Schlettwein, T.A.Jung
Physical Review B.
Vol.61 pp.115410

Defect-Tolerant Computing Based on Asynchronous Cellular Automata
Teijiro Isokawa, Fukutaro Abo, Ferdinand Peper, Naotake Kamiura, Nobuyuki Matsui
The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers 2003(SICE National Convention)
pp.1746-1749 (2003)

Tuning of laser frequency in random media of dye-doped polymer and glass-particle hybrid
S. Yokoyama, S. Mashiko
Vol.42 pp.L970-L973

High-Performance Computing by Molecular Arrays
Ferdinand Peper
Jyouho-Tushin Journal
Vol.21 No.8 pp.20 (2003)

Dendrimers as Optical Electronics Material
Shiyoshi Yokoyama
Kougyo Zairyo, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd
Vol.6 pp.48-51

Dendrimers for OPToelectronics Applications
S.Yokoyama, T.Nakahama, A.Otomo, Y.Okuno, S.Mashiko
Topics in Current Chemistry, Springer
Vol.228 pp.205-226(2003)

Shiyoshi Yokoyama
Japan Nanonet Bulletin

Two-photon-induced polymerization in a laser gain medium for optical microstructure
S.Yokoyama, T.Nakahama, H.Miki, S.Mashiko
Applied Physics Letters
Vol.82 No.19 pp.3221-3223(2003)

An electrochemical fabrication of nanowire comprised of phthalocyanine
H. Hasegawa, T. Kubota, S. Mashiko
Synthetic Metals (Elsevier)
Vol.135-136 pp.763-764(2003)

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