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Distribution of average electric field in tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline9aluminum and 4,4'-bis[N-(1-naphthyl)-N-phenylamino]-biphenyl-based double-layer light emitting diodes
T.Yamada, F.Rohlfing, T.Tsutsui
Vol.39 No.3A p1382-1386(2000)

Dendrimers for nonlinear optical applications
Shiyoshi Yokoyama
Novel polymers and supermolecules for optoelectronics, Edited by The Society Polymer Science,Japan, Polymer frontier21, Vol.1

Visualixation of pH Distribution Changes Swollen Gel Membranes Based on Color Imaging
I.Mizumoto, S.Yamakawa, S.Mashiko, Y.Suzuki
The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
Vol.119-C No.12 pp.1582-1583 (2000)

Zero-Kinetic-Energy Photoelectron Spectroscopic Studies of Aromatic-Argon van der WaalsComplexes
World Sciencific publicationCo. Pre.
Vol.10A No. part1 pp.246-295(2000)

ZEKE electron spectroscopy of Alkylbenzene-Argon van der Waals Complexes
S. Sato, T. Kojima, K. Byodo, H. Shinohara, S. Yanagihara, K. Kimura
Elsevier Amsterdam
Vo.112 pp.241-245

Ab initio calculations of first-order hyperpolarizabilities for donor-acceptor azobenzenes and their dimers
Y.Okuno, S.Yokoyama, S.Mashiko
Nonlinear Optics,VolUme26, Nombers 1-3 Page 83-90
Vol.26 pp.83-90(2000)

Recoverable degradation and internal field forming process accompanied by the orientation of dipoles in organic light emitting diodes
T.Yamada, D.Zou, H.Jeong, Y.Akaki, T.Tsutsui
Synthetic Metals
Vol.111-112 pp.237-240(2000)

Internal electric field in tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum (Alq) based light emitting diode
T.Yamada, F.Rohlfing, D.Zou, T.Tsutsui
Synthetic Metals
Vol.111-1112 pp.281-284(2000)

Computational and Experimental Studies of Azobenzene Dendrons for Non-linear Optical Applications
S.Yokoyama, S.Mashiko, Y.Yamaguchi, Y.Yokomichi
Vol.11 pp.692-697(2000)

Dendrimers for Novel Optical Application
Shiyoshi Yokoyama, Akira Otomo, Shinro Mashiko
Chemistry and Chemical Industry, Chemical Society of Japan Science
Vol.52 No.12 pp.1465-1470(1999)

Electroabsorption Spectroscopy on Tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline)Aluminum-based Light Emitting Diodes
F.Rohlfing, T.Yamada, T.Tsutsui
Journal of Applied Physics
Vol.86 No.9 pp.4978-4984(1999)

STM-induced Photon Emission from Single Molecules on Cu(100)
Z.C.Dong, D.Fujita, T.Ohgi, T.Yakabe, H.Nejoh, T.Terui, S.Yokoyama, M.Zhou, S.Mashiko, T.Okamoto
Proceeding of China-Japan Symposium on the 21st-Century Science and Technology

Actic Motion on Microlithographograhically-Functionalized Myosin Surfaces and Tracks
D.V.Nicolau,, S.Mashiko, T.Taguchi, S.Yoshikawa
Biophysical Journal
Vol.77 No.2 pp.1126-1134(1999)

Electric Field Distribution in Double-Layer Organic Light-Emitting Diode Structures
T. Yamada, F.Rohlfing, T.Tsutsui
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE)
Vol.99 No.174 pp7-12(1999)

Analysis of Tribological Phenomena in Biological Molecular Mechanism
H.Suzuki, S.Mashiko, S.Sugiyama, N.Kudo
"Tribologists" Journal of Japanese Society of Tribologists
Vol.44 No.6 pp.420-425(1999)

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