International collaboration

The Quantum ICT Collaboration Centre of NICT (QICT-CC) proactively creates strategic partnerships with globally prominent bodies. It aims to accelerate research of “quantum network” and establish an internationally recognised testbed for the research community exploring quantum key distribution network (QKDN). Our international collaboration strategy recognises that quantum technology can significantly impact international competitions and national security.

Co-hosting an international symposium

Quantum Innovation 2022

The International Symposium on Quantum Science, Technology and Innovation (Quantum Innovation 2022) took place as a virtual conference from Monday, November 28th, through Wednesday, November 30th. This symposium aimed to share the latest quantum information technologies and the trends in practical applications through guest speeches and technical sessions of each field.

NICT, as a co-host of Quantum Innovation 2022, hosted the Quantum Cryptography & Communication Track. This track was full of exciting talks and intensive discussions by notable speakers from academia, operators and vendors from Europe, the US and Japan. The main agenda included the latest trends in research and development of quantum cryptography, the field test of quantum cryptography, the introduction of an attempt for commercialisation and the panel discussion attended by the operators of each country.

Quantum Innovation 2022