By four functions, Quantum ICT Collaboration Center leads development of "Quantum security field" and construction of "Quantum technology platform".

Research and development

Promotion of research and development of Quantum ICT

For the research and development of Quantum ICT, we promote collaboration between organizations and contribute to the realization of a safe and secure network that utilize basic quantum technologies, quantum cryptography, satellite quantum communications, and quantum networks.

- Quantum ICT Laboratory

Human resources development

Development and recruitment of quantum natives

We develop quantum natives through the Quantum ICT Human Resources Development Program. Moreover, we recruit companions for working on open innovation at the forefront of quantum security.

Open testbed

Participating in a consortium

We participate in a consortium on quantum technology to promote industry-academia-government collaboration, exchange of human resources, dissemination of the latest research results, and information exchange on technological trends.

Building testbed

We build open testbed centered on the Tokyo QKD Network. By technology verification with companies, we accelerate commercialization of Quantum ICT, practical implementation, collaboration of participant companies, and participation of new companies.

Dissemination activities towards society

Through collaboration with companies, universities, and research institutes, we produce research results, disseminate technology, practical implementation, and strengthen industrial competitiveness.

Intellectual property / Standardization

With a view to commercialization, we promote intellectual property creation and international standardization strategically.

International collaboration

We promote making of international strategic partners toward a global network.

Evaluation / Testing / Certification

We comprehensively implement from the creation of standards to proposals of system design about the quantum security field.