Background of the establishment

Background to quantum technology

Research and development of Quantum ICT began at NICT in April 2001, when the Quantum Information Technology Lab was established. In the field of quantum cryptography, the multi-point quantum cryptography network "Tokyo QKD Network" was constructed in October 2010 and succeeded in transmitting video using quantum cryptography for the first time in the world. As a result of these achievements, NICT was selected as one of the eight Quantum Technology Innovation Hubs in Japan, the Quantum Security Innovation Hub, in the Quantum Technology Innovation Strategy formulated in January 2020 by the Integrated Innovation Strategy Promotion Council of the Cabinet.

In this strategy, we aim to form a Quantum Technology Innovation Hub in Japan that brings together outstanding human resources, attracts investment, and builds a collaborative system between universities and companies.


Establishment of Quantum ICT Collaboration Center

In April 2021, NICT established Quantum ICT Collaboration Center, which aims to create an environment in which everyone can work on everything from basic research on Quantum ICT to technology demonstration, open innovation, and human resources development. A new building was completed to become the base of our center in March 2022. NICT aims to establish the "Quantum Security Innovation Hub " responsible for the development of new academic fields and the creation of new industries, with Quantum ICT Collaboration Center as the focal point.

Quantum ICT Collaboration Centerの役割