How we collaborate with others

As the hub to accelerate Quantum ICT research

Quantum ICT Collaboration Centerでの連携

Collaboration with industry, universities and research institutes

While we do research and development with universities and research institutes, we have also prioritized contributing to society: implementing and disseminating research and development outcomes. Our joint research with industries and international standardization activities align with the contribution.

Apart from the above, we are actively involved in a consortium of quantum technology activities. We aim to enhance industry-academia-government collaboration, personnel exchange, and information exchange regarding research results and technology trends.

Welcome to joint use of testbeds with us

We have been building and expanding open testbed "the Tokyo QKD Network." We welcome industrial partners to take part in testing on the testbed. We believe their participation accelerates the implementation and commercialization of quantum key distribution technology. We hope the testing results draw attention from new partners.

Three types of collaboration with us

We are eager to collaborate to boost Quantum ICT research and disseminate its outcomes. To this end, we prepare three types of collaboration as follows for those who might be interested in working with us:

Discussion on the possibilities of collaboration upon non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

We can discuss collaboration possibilities on the potential research topics that you have. The purpose of the discussion is to examine whether the research is worth working on. An NDA is required before starting the discussion.

Collaborative research upon a joint-research agreement

We can collaborate on the research topics that have convinced us to be worth carrying out. Both parties need to reach a joint-research agreement that includes how to share the research.

Exchange of information between industrial partners by using us as a hub

By using us as an information hub, industrial partners can exchange research information to facilitate achieving their own goals. Each of the industrial partners must have a joint-research agreement with us. Also, they must sign an agreement to join the Quantum Technology Innovation Hub. This framework is currently under preparation.