Achievements/List of major papers

Achievements of NICT

For more than 20 years, NICT has been engaged in comprehensive R & D on Quantum ICT. We will continue to do so in collaboration with organizations such as Quantum ICT Laboratory and Space Communication Systems Laboratory.

Building and operating the testbed named “Tokyo QKD Network”

実証フィールド Tokyo QKD Networkの構築

The testbed “Tokyo QKD Network” was built at Tokyo metropolitan area in 2010. QKD devices used there were developed by various industrial and academic institutions. Using this testbed, a video conference with quantum cryptography was succeed for the first time in the world.

Extending the testbed and Accelerating R & D


The testbed “Tokyo Free Space Optics (FSO) Testbed” connecting 7.8 km was built in 2013. World's first demonstration of space quantum communication using a microsatellite was succeeded in 2017. We have also been conducting various R & D at Tokyo QKD Network.

List of major papers