Image of society and use cases

Information to be protected

Information holder Examples of infromation to be protected
National/local governments Information related to diplomacy, defense, security, geographic (infrastructure, undergroundspace),familiy registers/residents, voting, etc.
(enterprises, etc.)
・Customer lists, new business plans, response manuals, other sales information
・New technologies, manufacturing methods, kouw-how, design drawings other technical information
Individuals Health data, genome information, ideas, beliefs, preferences, personal identification numbers, credit card numbers, passwords, etc.

Important information such as diplomacy, defense and personal genome must be protected for a long time. When sending such information over a network, it is expected that quantum cryptography will protect the information by information-theoretic security.

Image of society and use cases

Image of society and use cases realized by quantum cryptography

The practical application of quantum cryptography will realize a society that communicates important information safely in medicine, industry, services, administration, diplomacy, security, daily life, etc.


Image of society and use cases realized by quantum networks

In the future beyond the realization of quantum cryptography, it is expected that the practical application of quantum networks will realize convenient lives and advanced economic activities.